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I have a series of blogs called Founder's Corner talking about the business of RunSignup.  Writing helps me think things thru and it also helps our employees and customers and partners (and even competitors) understand what we are doing and why and how.


I've also been on a few Podcasts.  I'm not all that articulate and sometimes stumble over my words, so you may want to put these on 2X...

Tech in 26.2 - 2024 - Bob discusses the origins of RunSignup and what has made the company successful.

Inspire to Run - Bob walks us through his journey as a runner at Bucknell University, professional career in the software industry, and most recently founder of RunSignUp.

The Software Agents - "Running race events worldwide were canceled overnight in March. RunSignup founder Bob Bickel explains how the company's DevOps DNA enabled them to survive the sudden shutdown of their core business and create new kinds of events that have kept the running community together and still running."

When a Great Idea Serves a Greater Purpose - "In this Episode of the Clear a Path Podcast we sit down with Bob Bickel, Founder of Run Signup and Give Signup.  Bob started his career in the tech space developing his skills to help numerous companies grow their market value to hundreds of millions.  While embarking on new projects, Bob always had side projects in the running industry where he eventually launched the Run Signup brand and boosted the running scene and road races all over the country.  Along the way, Bob and his team discovered that the Run Signup platform could be expanded to help charitable organizations increase their exposure and fund raising efforts."

Leaders of B2B - Keys to Startup Success - "Bickel’s approach is consistent with how he grew RunSignup and the incubation of GiveSignup. He methodically studies the market share and determines the right customer profile. He found a need for a solution—race organizers didn’t get what they needed from various software platforms. He then studied the feasibility of it in the market. With limited growth and the market capping at about a billion dollars annually, it was still worth it as he saw the capacity to capture a big chunk of this market share."

The Future is Now - Interview in Authority Magazine - "The thing I find most frustrating is the untapped potential in the world. When I look at the U.S., the disparity in opportunity that many segments of our population face holds our entire country back. If you were born poor, non-white or female, you simply are not playing with the same deck of cards. Education is constrained. Often there is a lack of role models. And there is not a “network” that can help advance a career."

Race Trends Summer 2021 - Johanna and I provide an update to data trends we are seeing as we come out of the Pandemic.  We also did a blog post with a summary of the data.

RedLine13 Podcast on TechStrong TV - Review of how RedLine13 was created as an outgrowth of RunSignup. We built our own load testing framework on AWS because all the commercial products were too expensive to test 50,000 people trying to register at the same time. It was so cool, we spun it out a separate company that customers have used to run millions of hours of load tests.

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