Can I possibly be this lucky?
  • Happily married for 38+ years with two fantastic daughters.
  • Having a blast seeing RunSignUp grow into having a meaningful impact on the endurance community.
  • A fun technology career working with amazing, smart people like Sacha Labourey at CloudBees.

I do a yearly review of RunSignUp now:
2017 Year End Review
2016 Year End Review
2015 Year End Review
2014 Year End Review
2013 Year End Review

Before RunSignUp had critical mass, I wrote a general blog at the end of each year:
2012 Year End Review
2011 Year End Review
2010 year End Review
2009 Year End Review

From 2002-2005 I worked with JBoss to help define and grow an Open Source company from 6 people to over 200. There are many lessons learned, and a bunch of interesting stories from that in this JBoss Blog Series of 5 blogs.