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Bluestone was really where I "grew up" professionally. Some day I will write up a little history from my rememberances and perspective. For now, it was a unique setting with a great group of people coming together to create something from nothing. It was devastating to tear it apart after HP had acquired it - a waste of good code and good people. A lot of lessons were learned and everyone has moved on - many with a great amount of success.

Our big break was developing Sapphire/Web in 1994 - one of the very first products that made it easy to develop database driven applications for the web.



When we first agreed to be acquired by HP, I thought it was a good idea. But plans do not always turn out. Just ask Carly and Capellas who looked so happy right after the Compaq acquisition was done.

Post HP


When I left HP, I had my compatriot, Al Smith, perform a ceremony - much like a dishonorable discharge, where he tore off my HP logo...

It was certainly dishonorable since we had to lay off about 600 people in the HP Middleware Division, which I headed at the time. To say it helped me readjust my life priorities is an understatement.  And, no I am not a supporter of the Carly for President campaign...

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