The Working World

My "work" is based around emerging software companies. I have been lucky in that work has always been fun - mostly because of the great people I have had the chance to work with.

After Bluestone I started consulting wtih companies. I have settled into a pattern where I will work with a couple of companies at a time and be an investor, board member and close advisor. I really like to know the people and the market and the technology and feel like I am a part of the company. This has worked out well in terms of having fun, making a decent contribution, and making money.

The following quick recap is:

Bluestone got acquired by HP for $450M in 2000. Then shut it down a couple of years later. Difficult and the biggest loss in my life.

JBoss got acquired by Red Hat for $350M in 2006. This has become the fastest growing part of Red Hat and it is regarded as a very successful acquisition.

Bristol Technology was acquired by HP in 2007. While the investors did not make a lot of money, the business has done very well inside HP and is considered quite a success.

Princeton Softech was acquired by IBM in 2007 for $290M. I was an advisor for the company, and did not do much, but did help in recruiting Shaun Conolly and Al Smith to the company - who were critical to truning this company around. Al went on the run this division at IBM for 3 very successful years.

Hyperic was acquired by Spring, which was in turn acquired by VMWare for $420M. Hyperic brought real value to Spring and caused revenues to accelerate rapidly, and the Spring division has grown many times since the acquisition in 2009.

In 2012 I sold my half of the Moorestown Running Company to my partner, Dave Welsh.

So 4 of the 5 technology businesses, and the running store business continue today, and that makes me happy.


Toward the end of 2009 I decided to fill in for Hyperic/Spring. After talking with a number of companies, I agreed to become the Chairman of eXo. Founded and run by Benjamin Mestrallet, this company is trying to drag Java middleware into the 21st century. They have a healthy business in France and are now opening an office in San Francisco, taking venture capital, hiring some great talent as well as leveraging a strategic partnership with Red Hat.

In 2010 I started helping my good friend Sacha Labourey on a new project to bring Java to the Cloud - CloudBees. We have now built the leading Java Platform as a Service in the market and have a tremendous team in place. I get to work with many old friends such as Andre Pino and Steve Harris along with new friends like Jim McLoughlin and Spike Washburn. We have a couple of great investors - David Skok and John Vrioinis

I am also still on the Board of Metaverse, where I get to work with Rich and Tom.

I am more "active" than typical board members - getting to know people at the company and helping to evolve the product strategy and overall business strategy.

In the summer of 2009 I finally started a project to allow race directors to bring online registration to their websites. is the big guerilla in this market, but I had become so frustrated using their service for a number of races that I help run that I decided to do something about it. is the result of that. I am going to fund that effort totally myself and not seek venture funding. It has gone very well with another stellar team made up of a combination of old friends and new.