The Running World

I have three things that drive my current efforts in the running part of my world.

1. Moorestown High School Distance Running. We have developed a hard working, fun Team that carries from Cross Country thru to Spring Track. Many of the runners will train over 40 miles per week year round. We are also hard at work to bring a real cross country course to Moorestown so we can run home meets!

MXC 2007 State Meet Start

2. Moorestown Running Company. Dave Welsh, the owner of the Haddonfield Running Company and I were partners in this specialty running shop on Main Street in Moorestown (I sold my half back to Dave in 2012). Joe Halin is the manager, and we have a number of other great people like Ed Scioli and Ralph Harris. We have some simple goals of creating a sustainable business in a small town setting that really helps runners and walkers to stay healthy and learn and have fun from their endeavors. A club has started up at the store - the Moorestown Distance Running Project - dedicated to helping share knowledge and create a community of running. We also have weekly runs from the store. Just to type of thing I was hoping would happen with the store!

The Bob

3. In the summer of 2009 I finally started a project to allow race directors to bring online registration to their websites. is the big guerilla in this market, but I had become so frustrated using their service for a number of races that I help run that I decided to do something about it. is the result of that.

4. My own personal running. I keep wanting to try to make a little comeback, but old age is catching up with me - two knee surgeries, two broken feet and plantar in the past few years set me back, but my real weakness is my calves.