is a service that we started to offer races a simple way to signup for races online.

These pages are a sample for partners to see how they can use RunSignUp to create their online registration system for their own sites. We have used Secure Widget technology to enable partners to easily put complete registration management right on their own website.

We use the term Partner to describe multiple scenarios. Typically this is a timing service or race management service that assists more than 10 races per year, although we offer the program to large (>2,500 participant) races. The Partner typically has a website and these widgets help runners find races (Search, Race List). These widgets also let the Partner give direct access to multiple Race Directors who use their services (Create Races, List races for individual race directors, etc.).

Home Page - this is the home page widget - allowing for users to search for all races on RunSignUp, or for Race Directors to create races right on the Partner website.

Race Creation - This widget allows race directors to create races on a Partner website.

Search - Search only partner races. Partners can put this on their website to allow users to search for races they are offering.

Race List - Lists all partner races.

RD List - Lists only the races for a particular Race Director.